Director Statement on Hazy Shades of America

The United States is the greatest country in the world yet there is the prevalent problem of racism that diminishes our greatness. Prejudice because of the color of a persons skin and the divisiveness that accompany it have always been fascinating to me. In conceiving my film, I wanted to show that either people of all ethnicities are more alike than we'd like to admit or that racial prejudice is justified.

I met Sofia Helena, who is from Brazil, and told her about my project. She was eager to participate as she was in America less than two years and saw the racism in the U.S. from a fresh perspective. The film was enlightening to her.

I decided that to find out about racial issues, it would be from everyday people of all races. Being that it is such a controversial subject, there were a lot of people that didn't want to participate. Thankfully, there were many that did decide to speak on the subject and their participation was appreciated.

The subject matter alone will deem this film controversial to some. If things are to change, we have to honestly address these issues without political correctness stifling the conversation.

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